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How to Write a Research Project Proposal – An MBA standard.

Academic assignments are very unpredictable. Thorough research is needed when you work on the assignment, especially for MBA students. While writing an essay in general, it would be very easy but there would be complications arising from doing a project proposal assignment. This research project proposal assignment/presentation is merely done with high concentration and detailing […]

5 Ways To Enhance Your Proposal Writing

The very first step towards writing your dissertation is writing a proposal for the same. If you want to acquire a degree, you would need to submit your dissertation. The proposal is just a small part of your dissertation related work, but it is also quite important. In case your teacher is not in agreement […]

Common problems while writing for journal publication

    No theory: it involves a lack of explanation of variable relationships.     Concepts and operationalistaion not being in alignment with each other: this problem surfaces when the research design is not reflecting the variables under current study which could be because of differences in analysis level.     Insufficient definition: when the authors are not […]

Tips for Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Many people think that writing a dissertation proposal is very difficult. For writing a proposal, the student should be thorough with the topic, should perform a literature review, should have his own view of the topic under consideration, and finally, submit these results. Though this seems to be a bit difficult, the below discussed tips […]