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What Helps You Better – Editing or Proofreading

It is a complex task to complete your research without any guidance from a mentor or professional consultant. While many research students do not find sufficient guidance and support from their supervisors, they opt to avail professional help for dissertation writing and review tasks. However, they are often confused about the right kind of service […]

All about Case Studies

During the course of the post-graduate or doctoral course students might be required to complete some kind of case study. They will have to go into great detail in trying to answer a particular question and examine all different points of view. There are some kinds of research which look at the overall scenario or […]

Criteria for evaluating research questions

Research questions should meet the following criteria for a dissertation: Questions should be clear: questions framed should be understandable to the researcher, supervisor and the research fraternity. Questions should be researchable: questions should be capable of development into a research design, so that data could be collected in regard to the. This implies that extremely […]