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Most Common Survey Errors and How to Avoid them

Market research is the most common process for all businesses to get insights about the market and its customers. To perform market research probability samples are drawn from the population to get the underlying trend of the market.  The random sample selection process is usually the most reliable way to form a representational sample of […]

How to Complete Dissertation in a Week

Week away from submission date of your dissertation? No problem, here are seven tips that you can follow and complete the mammoth task in a week. Set up your work station It is essential to make your workstation clutter free. Organize your belonging so that you get some work space and all required documents for […]

Seek Dissertation Help in UK to Enhance Writing Credibility

Each year, a great number of students opt for higher degrees with preparing quality dissertations. Many prefer to seek assistance from the dissertation writing service providers, but to contact the best in the market; you have to contact dissertation services in the UK. Students seem to stay worried and anxious about preparing their study proposal […]

Dissertation Proofreading Service

It is always a difficult practice to proofread your own paper for misspellings and grammatical errors. In spite of; whether your dissertation is short or long, and no matter if the topic is simple to understand and easy to write, or whether it’s challenging and complex, every word must be cross-checked for unintentional mistakes. Even […]

Importance of Meta Analysis

Any research based study starts with a research objective, and that objective comes out from a research gap in any context. The research gap comes out of the careful scrutiny of the literature on several contexts, and when the researcher finds out that a particular piece of study is missing in any particular context, a […]

Classic experimental design and validity

The purpose of the control group in an experiment is to control the various possible effects of rival explaining a causal finding. We may then be in a position to take actual view that the study is valid internally.  The random assignment of subjects to the control and experimental groups and the presence of a […]