How to Complete Dissertation in a Week

Week away from submission date of your dissertation? No problem, here are seven tips that you can follow and complete the mammoth task in a week.

Set up your work station

It is essential to make your workstation clutter free. Organize your belonging so that you get some work space and all required documents for writing your dissertation in the reach of hand.

Get formal

Even if you are going to be glued to your computer screen for the whole week in your room, get dressed and work. Change your clothes when you are exhausted, it will refresh your body and mind.

Stock up supplies

Before starting to write your dissertation, go grocery shopping and get healthy and tasty food that are easy and fast to cook. You will need a lot of variety during this week and you don’t want to spend time going to the hawker center down the street to get a coffee.

Get your notes together

Before you start writing, organize all your notes and files. Collect and keep all your soft copies and interim reports in a folder and keep all your reference books near your workstation. By working on ideas that you have already worked on, you will save a lot of your time.

Organize your ideas

Refer to the guidelines and requirements laid down by the university and make a linear plan for your dissertation. Make a note in google docs or text editor or scribble on a piece of paper. This will be your guidelines for completing your dissertation.

Plan your work schedule

Make a schedule to complete the writing and proofreading in a week’s time and try to follow it.

Write the dissertation

The last and most important step, is to sit down and write. Take a rest by sleeping properly and keep writing till you complete the dissertation.

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