How to Write a Research Project Proposal – An MBA standard.

Academic assignments are very unpredictable. Thorough research is needed when you work on the assignment, especially for MBA students. While writing an essay in general, it would be very easy but there would be complications arising from doing a project proposal assignment. This research project proposal assignment/presentation is merely done with high concentration and detailing the fact for a particular subject when its dealt.

When choosing this type of particular project and presenting it in the group, this will take the students to do an in-depth study of topic or subject which is organizational, professional aspect, and social relevance to understanding. It is required to identify the specific business management problem that you’re discussing and need to overview it.

As a part of the presentation that takes, you’re required to present the project management plan for conducting the proposed study. It should be realistic and be like achievable with a timeframe.

You’re required to choose a small pilot study to conduct the methods.

    1. Introduction:

In the introduction, you need to explain what the project/assignment about. Do remember, if it’s presented in a group, make sure you introduce the team and their specific roles in the project.

You have to start with a standout point, like what’s the business management problem and giving away the evidence for the project. You’ve to explain why the evidence is based on the management practices and it’s important for practitioners to process skills to plan & conduct research as part of your practice. Note that, the assignment takes it to be a research project proposal only. Give the aim of the assignment like any developments needed regarding that.

    2. Identifying of Research Project Question:

Outline the research project problem that you identified and explain why it’s important to get a deeper understanding  of “why this type of problem” and “why researching this problem will provide management with the decision-making process.”

    3. Literature review – theories follow the topic:

Having identified the problem, you need to explain why the problem is significant. You need to search & retrieve relevant information to understand “what should be known.” List the search engines searches that justify their use. While the literature review may start with the literature in a general topic area, but you should end with a focus on your specific problem and it’s the outcome.

And then, outline “what is known” that leads to your research question. You do not need to develop the new theory, just determine the previously existing ones as – “how they can solve the problem” or “how their theory explains the problem.”

    4. Methodologies:

Research methods are various ways and strategies may use to testify the theories stated. Research methods provide the platform to map out the process of carrying out of one’s research. These methods are classified into 3:

  1. First, it constitutes the method through what/which data collected.
  2. Secondly, the statistical methods which employed the link between data collected and problem in hand.
  3. Third, the group used to assess how accurate are the results obtained after analysis.

Including the research methods like surveys, questionnaires, case studies, interviews… etc, are taken for support for the assigned project can also be stated with clear and concise.

You can also write the quantitative reseach design, explaining by the numerical data collected in research that objectifies the research proposed project.

    5. Results:

Give the alternatives for the research project proposal, apart from the existing theories that relate to solving a problem or what can be developed further.

    6. References:

You must present a list of specific references for the project that whatever formatting style you prefer as such APA, MLA… or under guidelines of University. 

    7. Conclusion:

The selection of appropriate research methods along with the theories that extracted, you will bring out the useful information which adds to the knowledge base and helps in proposal project research.

With these methods and structure format,  we can conduct thorough research on every topic you choose before writing. As for the academic scholars, researchers, and amateurs writers, this particular study of conduct is very useful to follow and finish the project in the timeframe as well as in the formatting styles or under particular sort of University guidelines that one ask for and preview them indeed.

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