Steps on How to Choose a Dissertation Topic

Tension and depression have become a common problem of the 21st century. Even students in their early school days, have been observed to lack concentration due to depression and tension. These problems are predominant when they have to accomplish a long term task like writing a dissertation, which requires efficient planning and execution. The main cause of tension while writing a dissertation is, selecting a topic. Here are some of the steps that will help them to choose a dissertation topic.

Choose the area of the dissertation

Before selecting the dissertation topic it is essential to understand area of interest. It is less stressful to work in the area of your interest than any other. As the first step to choose the area, collect information from reliable sources, read different journals, browse the internet to collect information about different areas of research.

Choose the topic for the dissertation

After identifying the area of interest, choose topics for the dissertation. Make note of all the topics that seems to be fit for being a topic for the dissertation. The topics should be interesting and compel the reader to read through the dissertation. The topics should be unique and have ample source of information, so that there are refer books and journal to write the different sections of the dissertation. The guide assigned by the institute can also suggest topics for dissertation, add all such topics to the list.

Consult the guide

After the list of topics is ready, discuss them with the guide assigned. Understand the scope and feasibility of the topics to be build as a dissertation. Thus, by the inputs of the guide, choose a topic which best for the dissertation. Enquire with the guide for a sample dissertation from the library, to get a fair idea of how the topics take the form of a dissertation.

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