10 Latest Dissertation Topics on International Marketing & Their Scores

Marketing is an extremely wide domain when it comes to management. This implies that a lot of research can be done in this arena. Following are the Top 10 ongoing marketing topics that have been arranged in the decreasing order of relevance, captivating nature and available data.

  1. Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is essentially an advertisement practice in which firms undertake unconventional methods to market their products. Usually these marketing strategies place their product promotion where a target customer least expects it, and due to their unconventional nature, usually leave a lasting impression in the customer’s mind.

  1. Mystery shoppers

Mystery shoppers are a tool for market research that are used by professional market research organizations as well as internal marketing departments of firms, to carefully examine the quality of services delivered, demand for products, feedback of other customers and after sales services regarding their product.

  1. Brand name development and brand name impact on consumers emotional and psychological aspects.

Brand name development is a tedious part of the marketing framework since the organization not only has to come up with a safe, easy to pronounce and non-offensive brand name it but also needs to generate a name that captivates or excites the target customers.

  1. Brainstorming and Idea Generation in Market Research

Brainstorming is a group creativity process wherein all participants randomly come up with ideas to solve a particular problem with the help of their creative instincts.  It is now being considered as a productive method for idea generation and problem solving.

  1. Deploying psychographic data for marketing your product.

Psychographic data is the study of attitudes, perceptions, beliefs, interests and lifestyles. A study of such data can help a great deal in accurately marketing a product by making use of the psychologies of target customers.

  1. Impact of a scandal on the sales and demand of a particular good.

A scandal is never considered productive or beneficial for a brands image, but the same might not be true when it comes to sales. There are a lot of products that have significantly prospered even though they had massive scandals.

  1. Visual Merchandising

The most obvious aim of visual merchandising is to transform window shoppers to potential customers by making the display of products so pleasing and enticing that buyers are attracted towards the products displayed.

  1. Violent Marketing

This is a marketing practice that uses “shockvertisements” instead of advertisements to promote their products. They make use of ghostly figures, dead bodies; visuals of blood etc. These are considered quite intriguing but are highly debated as being adopted as a promotion procedure.

  1. Content Marketing

Content Marketing is another marketing strategy adopted by firms, wherein organizations create and disseminate content or text related to their products with the help of social media, internet, books etc, and thereby boosts sales.

  1. Impact of Creative Packaging techniques on volume of sales and perceived quality of products.

Creative packaging is an unconventional method used for packaging goods that apart from enhancing visual appeal, may even add a utility dimension to the package and in the end help in promoting sales and improving perceived quality of products.

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