Importance of Meta Analysis

Any research based study starts with a research objective, and that objective comes out from a research gap in any context. The research gap comes out of the careful scrutiny of the literature on several contexts, and when the researcher finds out that a particular piece of study is missing in any particular context, a research gap is established. Now in order to fill up that particular research gap, a research based study has to be carried out, and that is how a particular research based study is started.

However, in most of the cases, researchers simply start off with a research based study, without validating the research gap, and that is the reason, those studies fail to gain significance among the community of researchers. Those studies are nothing but a mere replication of any previous studies, with a mere extension in the dataset, or a change in methodology, and as soon as those studies come to conclusions, which have already been established by previous researchers, those studies lose their significance automatically. That is why literature review has to be carried out extensively using Meta analysis process. This process is actually a top-down approach to find the research gap, and it is considered as one of the best ways to establish a research gap. In this process, based on the theme of the study, nearly all of the pieces of literature are reviewed, and their objectives, spans of study, data, methodologies, and results are recorded. In this process, researcher can observe a clear picture of the existing body of knowledge regarding that scope of study, and therefore, establishing a clear research gap becomes easier. One of the major advantages of this analysis is that the gap established by this process can hardly go wrong, as this analysis is the most extensive one considering literature review. For more information about various aspects of Meta analysis, kindly browse through the pages of

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