Enhance your work using proof reading software’s

Even the best and perfect person on this earth might commit some mistake at one place or the other and it is general human tendency. The same happens with the best proof readers and it cannot be blamed. That is why it if often advised to proof read the report more than once or even twice. Apart from the writer, proof reading can be done by anyone else who has good knowledge about the subject and the topic being written. By doing so almost all errors can be removed, however some errors still exists. So to find out such errors which cannot be traced by human eyes, there are special software’s which are specially developed to proof read articles, dissertations and thesis. While some of them are free for use, some of them charge basic amount based on number of pages.

This new software does also have a clever text-to-speech function enabling to listen the text. Some of the features of this software include grammar and spellchecker, punctuation, suggests corrections etc. the software’s are easy and simple to use and provide accurate corrections. More than that the new system can finish the proof reading in just few minutes with more accuracy while humans can take hours or even days to finish the same task. The long sentences can be trimmed and can be written in easier manner using the new tools. The new tools also highlight some sentences and words which can be simplified, passive and hidden verbs or words causing ambiguousness, and jargons which can be replaced.  Some of the tools also provide a feedback or rating for the writing submitted. With this feedback we can understand our capabilities and work on better writing practices. These new tools have made the job of proof reading simpler than earlier and also save a lot of money time and manpower required.

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