Distinction Dissertation

How to score a distinction in your dissertation?

A distinction is something that we wish for throughout our academic life, whether it is during our school, graduation, or post-graduation. Creating a 1:1 dissertation while being a Masters-level student is easier said than done, as this challenging dream demands three basic qualities:

  • Expertise in your field of research,
  • Knowhow of all the requirements and rules of your university, and
  • Professional-level academic writing skills.
What is the difference between a first class dissertation and a distinction dissertation?

There is a marked difference between a dissertation that achieves a distinction and the one that gets a first class, though the latter is also commendable. As per the rules of most universities in the UK, you pass with a distinction when you are able to score more than 75%. If you score between 60% and 75%, then you attain a first class for your dissertation. However, some colleges have raised the bar and grant a distinction only when you get 80% or above.

According to the guidelines set by most universities towards qualifying for a doctorate degree, you need to score a distinction in your graduation and/or Master's degree course. Hence, your dissertation lays the foundation for your career in research.

How can I achieve a distinction in my dissertation?

To get a distinction in MBA dissertation is not impossible, though it is rare and only a few of you may manage to cross the barrier every year. The reasons could be your inability to manage a demanding project all by yourself, negligence on the content and language part, unattainability of university standards, weak foundation for research, and the list goes unending. To be successful in achieving a score of 75% or more, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Submit a dissertation that gives the evidence of original and in-depth research.
  • Your insight must be innovative and must compel readers to think about a subject differently.
  • You must make the complete use of available resources, be these primary data or secondary sources. Moreover, your data analysis must be correct and extensively detailed.
  • The presentation and layout of your report must be perfect and worthy of publication.
  • Overall, your work must reflect intellectual finesse and a clear understanding of the issue and solutions that your dissertation talks about.

Opting for professional help for your dissertation will certainly take you closer to attaining distinction marks. For most scholars, it is an impossible feat to match the criteria listed above. However hard you try, there are aspects on which your report may lag behind, which may include the lack of apt references or simply some writing flaws.

How we support the achievement of distinction

Our distinguished and experienced writing professionals, having perfected the art of academic writing, hold a position to draft impressive reports for your Masters-level dissertation. When you choose to avail our distinction dissertation service, we assign the task to the most suitable expert holding specialisation in your research discipline.

Our professionals have previously been in association with leading universities, being the research guides and members of review committees. This enables them to know precisely what your examiners would be expecting from your dissertation and what factors would make them grant a distinction. Based on this knowledge, they help you reach closer to perfection in the following ways:

  • Dissertation writing:
  • To achieve distinction, it is critical to have a comprehensive dissertation on your topic. This is where our professionals support you. They help you make your dissertation content innovative, as well as unique so it becomes appealing for your target readers. Our service not only covers the development of your dissertation proposal, but also helps you at every stage of dissertation development.

    Starting from the Introduction chapter where we help you provide a strong theoretical background to the Conclusion chapter where we help you summarise your entire work, we give you high-quality assistance and guidance. We also help you in finding the right methodologies and appropriate study design, as well as support you in managing and analysing your data. Our specialists also guide you to write the best of interpretation for your findings within the right context of the existing literature.

  • Chapter-wise assistance:
  • We offer targeted help when students require support only with specific chapters of their dissertation. In order to make it a distinction dissertation, you need to work interactively with us so all our tips on writing distinction dissertation can be applied to your work. With chapter-wise interactive assistance, our aim is to help you defend your work effectively. We not only explain to you the entire research design, but also offer you knowledge on the way each chapter is organised and structured. We focus on making your work logical, clear, and self-explanatory.

  • Substantial editing:
  • Our thorough editing help can transform your dissertation. We not only correct grammar, spellings, punctuations, and format of your content and graphics, but also make amendments in the citation and academic writing style your college asks you to follow. While we usually follow the Harvard style of referencing, we can vary it according to your project requirements. We give you feedback by tracking all the changes we have made in your dissertation so you may offer your inputs and feedback too. Through our editing assistance, we structure your work and make it well presentable.

  • Expert statistical assistance:
  • Whether you require statistical help in data management, analysis, and interpretation or need assistance in handling the right statistical software package, we are always there to back you up. We make you comply with every single guideline that you institution gives you for dissertation development. Thus, you can safely rely on our services when your aim is to achieve distinction.

Are you still having second thoughts about hiring an expert? Talk to our mentors at 0161 408 6111 or send us your queries online. You may also write to us at info@scoringhigh.co.uk.

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