Meta-analysis is an important element of dissertation writing. It is a well-established statistical process that involves summarising and reviewing the previously executed quantitative research. The process actually identifies a pattern across studies and gives an accurate quantitative outcome. It can be used to identify the study result pattern or other relationships reflected during the analysis.

It can even help you generalise results to a large population, as more accuracy is involved, more data is analysed, and the inconsistency or consistency across studies is quantified. In fact, the method also removes the effect of sampling error. With this objective process, a wide range of research questions can be investigated for the existing body of research. Using meta-analysis, you can make your dissertation unique and effective.

Following are the three broad components of meta-analysis:

  • Precise specification of the primary sources from which previous research studies are identified,
  • Transformation of existing research findings into a common measure, and
  • Statistical analysis of the findings of the historical research study.

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