Analysed data forms the axis around which a complete dissertation revolves. It is the foundation and significance factor of any research, as it portrays the relevance of your investigation. A proper data analysis is extremely important for developing a winning research report. At Scoring High, we provide Eviews statistical analysis help and software assistance for the quantitative analysis of electronic data. We advise you about the choice of method, transformation of data from one to another format, and interpretation of findings.

Two of the most important and useful software packages that we support with are EViews and STATA.

Brief about EViews and STATA

EViews - Also known as Econometric Views, it is a statistical application for data analysis and conclusion derivation from time series data. To assist research students with econometric analysis, we associate with trained analysts who provide focused assistance in employing EViews. This analytical software package can also be used to manage and evaluate cross-section and panel data.

In a quick and effective way, EViews can be used for the following:

  • Forecasting
  • Simulation
  • Data Management
  • Estimation
  • Graphics

We offer assistance with various aspects attached to the use of EViews. A few of these aspects are mentioned below:

  • Data entry in the work files of EViews for subsequent analysis
  • Specification of accurate equations as per the given criteria
  • Choice of a suitable estimation method
  • Approximation of the sample to be used for analysis
  • Working with different ARCH models

Our experienced statisticians can be consulted for support in managing your data and problem solving with the application of EViews.

STATA - STATA is the statistical data analysis software that helps in gaining conclusions from a flow of statistical and econometric data. The application is quite hard to learn, but it is truly an important data analysis tool. Our support system covers both pre- and post-analysis assistance, as mentioned below:

  • The pre-analysis phase involves assistance with the crafting of feasible research question/hypothesis, search of appropriate data, identification of variables, and planning of the steps ahead.
  • The post-analysis phase includes the evaluation of results, providing constructive suggestions, personalised handling of queries, and collation of the log of information.

Scoring High has expert mentors and statisticians who are adroit with the implementation and usage of EViews and STATA. We aim high to get you the most accurate data using STATA for statistical analysis. We understand that the analysis and interpretation of complex data can be a more complex job for many research students, as they may be unaware of the apt statistical tools to use. As a professional service provider, we resolve such problems for you. We not only guide you on the use of right testing techniques, but also help you choose significant tools like EViews and STATA for accurate analysis.

With us, you can be sure of receiving custom help with any of these tools that simplify your data and filter it effectively. We always make use of the latest software versions in order to help you with efficient and correct data analysis and forecasting. Thus, you do not need to be limited by your incapability to handle the software and tackle the complexities of data input, processing, and output. STATA and EViews statistical analysis help by Scoring High addresses it all for you.

Email us at info@scoringhigh.co.uk to interact with our project managers about EViews and STATA help by Scoring High. They will get back to you with the required details as soon as they acknowledge your query.

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