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Not all research candidates are lucky enough to get their research reports approved in the first attempt. A review committee may find several flaws with the content, format, or presentation, and it may reject their reports based on these flaws. In such a scenario, they are compelled to rewrite a dissertation. Doing a resit means reappearing or retrying for the same level if your work has faced initial rejection. Thus, the level of stress faced by you is completely imaginable.

While you may have the stress of submitting a high-quality dissertation this time, you may also have to assess the mistakes you made last time so these mistakes are not repeated. Getting rejected once may depreciate your morale, but flip the coin and you will see a second chance to present your strength and research intellect. However, do not take this second chance lightly. Repeating your mistakes or leaving out some crucial points at this stage can doom your academic career. Hence, it is best to take get help for clearing resit dissertation.

How we boost your morale by rewriting your dissertation

When your dissertation will be assessed again, understand that it will be done on a single case basis. Thus, it can be a failure if you have even neglected a single aspect that required attention and improvement. To help you avoid any risk the second time, we offer our resit dissertation service.

It is a comprehensive yet customised service aimed to offer guidance to all research candidates who have unfortunately faced rejection for their dissertation. We have a long list of satisfactory clients who have overcome defeat and earned outstanding grades with their resubmitted dissertations. Below, we give a glimpse of the process that we follow for writing a resit dissertation:

  • We assess your original dissertation and study the remarks/feedback that you have received from your review committee. We pay attention to every remark so we can work upon them in the required manner. Please be assured that we do not deviate from anything that is mentioned in a comment.
  • As per the need, we assign the work to an editor or writer who is suitable for your study domain and who understands the terminologies of your subject well. It helps them in delivering precise help to you.
  • We evaluate the objectives and relevance of your study. It helps us in maintaining the right focus of your study on its real problem.
  • We ensure that your literature review aptly supports your investigation and the choice of methodology is fully justified. We also go through your literature and see whether you have mentioned relevant and latest studies related to your own work.
  • We check the data analysis methods, steps, and results. Then, we make corrections, wherever required, and improve the overall presentation of results. Our goal is also to check the accuracy of your data analysis, the usage of certain testing techniques within the given study context, and the actual contribution of your findings to your study domain.
  • Further, we improve the vocabulary to enhance the meaning being portrayed by your content. We also remove redundancies in word usage and check that your content does not have any use of jargon or colloquial language. We only use academic or scholarly vocabulary.
  • We analyse and improve the quality of references used in your research.
  • We rewrite any chapter that is not up to the mark and needs substantial changes.
  • Then, we revise the layout and formatting and make corrections as needed. Even the slightest changes to page setup, margins, headings, and spacing are made.
  • We also check and correct the citation style in the text, as well as in the bibliography. We make sure that your institution’s suggested style is thoroughly followed in your dissertation.

After our writers and statisticians have worked on your report, a thorough proofreading is done to ensure that not even a punctuation mark is out of place. This is important, because your reviewers will assess your resubmitted dissertation even more closely than they did your original document. Thus, even the slightest mistake is likely to catch their eyes. However, our ultimate aim is to make your entire dissertation structured well and your thoughts organised excellently in the form of a polished document.

If you want to get help for clearing resit dissertation, consider our services. For availing our service to rewrite your dissertation, you will need to send us your original dissertation, along with any support material you used, the list of references, and the remarks for changes that you have received. You must also inform us about the deadline for submission. You can send us the details at  or request for a customised quote.

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