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Importance of Meta Analysis

Any research based study starts with a research objective, and that objective comes out from a research gap in any context. The research gap comes out of the careful scrutiny of the literature on several contexts, and when the researcher finds out that a particular piece of study is missing in any particular context, a […]

Common problems while writing for journal publication

    No theory: it involves a lack of explanation of variable relationships.     Concepts and operationalistaion not being in alignment with each other: this problem surfaces when the research design is not reflecting the variables under current study which could be because of differences in analysis level.     Insufficient definition: when the authors are not […]

Criteria for evaluating research questions

Research questions should meet the following criteria for a dissertation: Questions should be clear: questions framed should be understandable to the researcher, supervisor and the research fraternity. Questions should be researchable: questions should be capable of development into a research design, so that data could be collected in regard to the. This implies that extremely […]

Classic experimental design and validity

The purpose of the control group in an experiment is to control the various possible effects of rival explaining a causal finding. We may then be in a position to take actual view that the study is valid internally.  The random assignment of subjects to the control and experimental groups and the presence of a […]