Components of the research paper

There should be considerable amount of research before the topic is initiated. It is important to proceed logically through the research process which enables the researcher to focus sharply on the topic and also aids in writing a concise, clear and paper that holds significance. The following steps could be followed:

  • Choose few alternative topics that interest the researcher and on which the researcher can sustain interest till the last.
  • Formulating research questions: what is the question that wished to be answered? What should be the basic arguments regarding the topic? What should be the basic research materials? What supports the researcher’s ideas?
  • Creating a research strategy: a preliminary outline should be developed whereby probable and possible sources of information should be listed out to prioritise the research.
  • A working bibliography should be compiled.
  • The topic should be widened or narrowed so as to make the best use of resources that are available to answer the research questions.
  • After the sources have been considered and thought about the opinions and including expression of evidence in it, reasoning and evidences should be sorted out. Asking oneself if the information logically supports the claims that are given in the research materials or not would be of help.
  • A formal outline including the following standard parts should be prepared:
     Introduction
     Literature review
     Discussion
     Conclusion
  • Making final revisions.
  • Rechecking punctuation, spelling and other proofreading required to prepare the final copy.

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