Enhancing educational world through location intelligence

In order to increase the business revenue, a new research era has come up with the name of location intelligence. The business depends upon many factors like: stakeholders, customers, clients, land, site selection, market research. With the help of this new era location intelligence, many locations, customers in plenty could be captured anywhere.  Another advantage seen is that every company can easily see their profits fall or rise, new developments and opportunities existing in the market and also showing key performance indicators.

Location intelligence in banking provides the ability to easily and quickly produce reports and maps that relate to customer demographics, product performance. Location intelligence facilitates organisation and understanding of the complex phenomenon with the help of geographical relationships present in different information. With the combination of location and geographical related data with varied business data, companies gain important insights, make better decisions and improve upon significant process and applications.

Location intelligence in education is about imparting the thematic maps that help the comprehension of counselling, admission process, seminars and different other educational events. Location Based Services (LBS) are taken as a key recogniser through subscribers and wireless carriers.

To lead the business intelligence environment, location intelligence provides and integration of spatial data which visualises technology. LBS is a novel area of mobile networking that has started to expand quickly after mobile networks were enabled to find the locations of people using mobile.

To sum up it could be said that location intelligence uses a more possessive way to operationalise business and enhance the power and ability of understanding and to analyse the new trends.

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