Law Dissertations and Learning Through Case Studies

Students who are doing their dissertations in law will find that one of the best ways of learning the subject is to prepare case studies on it. Preparing case studies in law is also a useful project for dissertation students to showcase to their university board.

Behind every case there is a story. Behind that story there is an investigation. The law students can start with learning everything they can about the background story. What was the nature of the offense committed? Who were the parties involved and how were they impacted?

There are usually plenty of papers filed with regards to a case and the volumes of official documentation involved are huge. Law students should try and get access to read these documents because they can teach them a lot about how the case was handled. They should go into the intricacies of each case and examine what were the finer points of each case.

The best part about doing case studies is that it gives dissertation students the opportunity to relive a case and put it in their own words. The students can research who the lawyers on the opposing sides were. They can look at what their backgrounds were, where they got their education from, what kind of experience they had, and what their approach regarding each case was. This will definitely help the students form an idea on what tactics lawyers use when it comes to their cases, and what kind of experience lawyers have that turns them into sharp skilled legal eagles.

Dissertation candidates can either do a case study on a litigation that is ongoing or they can do their case study on a litigation that has been solved. Cases that have reached a solution will help them understand how lawyers can win a court battle, and conversely they can also help to understand what can be done to avoid defeats. Unsettled litigations help understand why cases have not been concluded and what can be done to bring them to a speedy end.

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