Tips on Writing a Distinction Dissertation

Distinction or a merit scoring mark is a zeal of all the students may we talk about a school student or a PhD scholar. It is a boundary which demarcates the outstanding students and their work from the average ones. In junior sections of academic career getting distinction is an effortless task, but scoring the same at the height of doctorate sounds tough and at the same time highly regarded too. Uphill struggle is an obvious requirement here but doing it in a right direction and with the right acquaintance is most important. Thus, following tips are mentioned here in order to write a distinction dissertation-

  • Proficiency in your research subject – Knowledge never goes waste and a thorough knowledge of the subject and especially the research topic you have chosen is very necessary if you dream to excel in your dissertation. For this reading as many books, journals, articles and case studies as possible will lay a basic foundation for your research.
  • Following your University guidelines – Always remember a fact that you can’t go beyond your mentor and university because ultimately they have to mark for you so you can’t deny their rules. Thus, go through the university guidelines and specifications (May it be for content alignments or some special inclusion) before you start writing. You can also take help of your guide in case you are stuck somewhere.
  • Improve your writing proficiency – Good writing skill doesn’t mean you have to be poetic or include flowery stuff in your dissertation rather correct and error free contents are considered as professional writing. Some scholars even have ESL (English as a second language) issues with them, so they can take help of several dissertation service providers available for the purpose.

However, an open mind and full concentration towards every small point right from the very beginning of the research will definitely rise you up to the height of distinction.

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