A step by step guide to writing a research paper

One of the most important elements of a research paper is the topic. The more enthusiastic you are about a topic, the easier it will be to write the research paper. When you are interested in a topic, you will conduct research laboriously, and this is the key to a successful research paper. After selecting the topic, come up with an interesting title for the paper. The scope of the paper should be neither too broad nor too narrow; there should be room for critical discussion of the topic.

Next, you should identify the objective of the research paper. Are you planning to write an argumentative research paper, where you take a stand on a contentious issue and argue for one point of view? Or are you planning to write an analytical research paper, where you provide a new perspective and outlook on an important issue? Based on the type of research paper, you can come up with an objective of your assignment.

The next step is to get good reading material, written by reputed scholars. You should refer to books, journals, official documents and websites for additional information on your research topic. These days, anyone can post information on websites. So, make sure that you look for information and data on credible websites with domain names ending with .gov or .edu.

After consolidating relevant information, you should come up with a thesis statement based on the goal of the research paper. In your thesis statement, you should state your stand and summarise the points that will serve as evidence to support your stand. The thesis statement will give you and your research paper a direction, without which you may lose focus.

One of the most important things to focus on is the body or the meat of the research paper. Your essay or research paper should tell a coherent story. A good story is interesting and leaves no room for doubt. Likewise, the points that you mention in your research paper should be crystal clear, and they should keep the reader’s eyes glued to your paper. There should not be any loopholes in your paper too. So, while editing, make sure that every point you make is logical and understandable.

Last but not least, the conclusion of your research paper should provide a summary of your findings and reiterate the thesis statement. Always end your research paper on a broad note, emphasising larger implications of your findings.

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