Present your ideas in a clear and concise manner

To ace an assignment or research paper, you should present your ideas in a clear and concise manner. When your thoughts are well-structured, your ideas will flow in a logical manner. Instead of answering your assignment questions or writing your research paper in a hurry, you should jot down important points and ideas on a piece of paper and make a detailed plan of your assignment or research paper. For example, you should note down the points you intend to include in the introduction, body and conclusion. Then, arrange the points sequentially so that they flow in a logical manner.

Avoid long sentences as they can confuse the reader. Also, a reader tends to lose focus and interest while reading long sentences. So, wherever possible, make your sentences short and crisp. Introduce a new idea or a concept in a new sentence. This way, your reader(s) will be able to keep track of your ideas, and they will not get confused. Many students give importance to evidence and arguments in their assignments and research papers, but ignore the way the arguments are presented. To ace your assignment or research paper, both your arguments and language should be top notch. You need not use sophisticated words in your paper; however, you should use appropriate words to present your case and ensure that your sentences are grammatically correct.

Transitions between sentences, paragraphs and sections are also important. When you are editing your paper, ensure that your ideas are connected and they flow smoothly. The content presented in the first sentence should be connected to the next and so on. Only when ideas are interlinked will the reader be able to form a coherent story in his/her mind. A well-structured and coherent research paper provides convincing arguments and this is what you should aim for.

Before submitting your assignment, go through the content twice or even thrice. If possible, get a friend or a colleague to go through your paper too. Sometimes, people who are not involved in the writing process will be able to identify errors and problem areas that you might have lost sight of. Ensure that your assignment or research paper is free of grammatical and spelling errors. Also, check with your college or university on the preferred referencing style. If you have used ideas of other authors, be sure to acknowledge the sources in your citations and bibliography.

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