Eviews for data analysis

Econometric Views known as EViews in short, refers to a statistical package which could be used in the Windows platform. EViews are mainly used for basic statistical analyses as well as econometric analyses including panel data and cross-section analysis, forecasting, time series estimation, etc. EViews combines relational database technology and spreadsheet along with conventional tasks available in statistical software.

Apart from using a Windows Graphical User Interface, a programming language which uses restricted object orientation is also used in EViews. Trends and cycles belonging to the time series data could be computed using EViews with the help of Hodrick-Prescott filter, Christiano-Fitzgerald or Baxter-King fixed length filters, etc.

There are different tools provided by EViews to work with pooled or panel data, cross-section or time series data, and so on. The EViews framework handles unbalanced or balanced, undated or dated, irregular or regular frequency panel data packages with ease. The data structure tools offered by EViews permits to change the data from stacked or panel format to unstacked or pooled formats and vice versa. Auto series, smart links, etc. enables you to merge, slice, convert frequency, and finally summarize the data easily. EViews is frequently used by scholars who are pursuing courses in banking or public finance. It helps in making forecast related to the economic conditions and is also used for policy formation.

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