What is a Good Research?

A research report reflects the thought process of the researcher, as well as his/her knowledge about the subject and the methods used. Good research is characterized by the following attributes:

Well defined objective: the research problem must be well defined, the objective determines the methodology to be adopted and the research strategy, it defines the scope of the research, hence it is very important to write the thesis statement precisely and correctly.

Based on Sound Methodology: the logic behind choice of research methods and techniques should be clear. Sound methodology ensures system and sequence in the reporting of research findings.

Executable: executability implies the possibility of finding and collecting sufficient data and its analysis, sometimes a solution may seem very promising but may fail when actual data collection is called for. A good research is supported by real data and findings.

Originality: this is an attribute highly rewarded by the research fraternity, the greater the degree of acknowledged novelty, the greater the rewards.

Promotes further research: a good research should be based on thorough knowledge of past and present context, should present a viable solution to the defined problem and leave a hint of further possibilities in the domain investigated.

A well conducted research may often require contribution of many minds due to the complexities involved; seeking advice from expert mentors is always a good option.

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