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Enhancing educational world through location intelligence

In order to increase the business revenue, a new research era has come up with the name of location intelligence. The business depends upon many factors like: stakeholders, customers, clients, land, site selection, market research. With the help of this new era location intelligence, many locations, customers in plenty could be captured anywhere.  Another advantage […]

Components of the research paper

There should be considerable amount of research before the topic is initiated. It is important to proceed logically through the research process which enables the researcher to focus sharply on the topic and also aids in writing a concise, clear and paper that holds significance. The following steps could be followed: Choose few alternative topics […]

Mentoring That Helps You Score High

In an increasingly competitive world, it has become ever more important to excel in higher studies so as to have good career opportunities. If you are a research scholar, getting the right mentoring will help you excel in your field of study. Presenting your work in a notable manner will add weight to your abilities […]

Score High with flawless services of Scoring High

Aspiring to score high in your PhD and Master’s Courses? Retort to the professional services of Scoring high and get entitled to an impeccable project through online support. It is significant to present your project in a remarkable manner to provide an offbeat experience to visualize. Scoring high aims at providing an effective and research […]

What is a Good Research?

A research report reflects the thought process of the researcher, as well as his/her knowledge about the subject and the methods used. Good research is characterized by the following attributes: Well defined objective: the research problem must be well defined, the objective determines the methodology to be adopted and the research strategy, it defines the […]

Eviews for data analysis

Econometric Views known as EViews in short, refers to a statistical package which could be used in the Windows platform. EViews are mainly used for basic statistical analyses as well as econometric analyses including panel data and cross-section analysis, forecasting, time series estimation, etc. EViews combines relational database technology and spreadsheet along with conventional tasks […]

Tips for Writing a Dissertation Proposal

Many people think that writing a dissertation proposal is very difficult. For writing a proposal, the student should be thorough with the topic, should perform a literature review, should have his own view of the topic under consideration, and finally, submit these results. Though this seems to be a bit difficult, the below discussed tips […]

More Details on Data Analysis

Data analysis refers to the process of cleaning, inspecting, modelling, and transforming data with the sole aim of gaining useful details, which support decision making. This term has got different approaches and features which include a variety of techniques under different names in many fields like science, business, social science, etc. Data mining is a […]