5 Ways To Enhance Your Proposal Writing

The very first step towards writing your dissertation is writing a proposal for the same. If you want to acquire a degree, you would need to submit your dissertation. The proposal is just a small part of your dissertation related work, but it is also quite important. In case your teacher is not in agreement […]

Tips on Writing a Distinction Dissertation

Distinction or a merit scoring mark is a zeal of all the students may we talk about a school student or a PhD scholar. It is a boundary which demarcates the outstanding students and their work from the average ones. In junior sections of academic career getting distinction is an effortless task, but scoring the […]

Dissertation Proofreading Service

It is always a difficult practice to proofread your own paper for misspellings and grammatical errors. In spite of; whether your dissertation is short or long, and no matter if the topic is simple to understand and easy to write, or whether it’s challenging and complex, every word must be cross-checked for unintentional mistakes. Even […]

Five Elements That Make Up the Methodology Chapter

Your research project will be considered complete only when it includes the details regarding the procedures that are followed for conducting the research. Such details are given in the methodology chapter. The elements that are included in the research methodology chapter are as follows: • Data collection Data is the building block of any research […]

What Helps You Better – Editing or Proofreading

It is a complex task to complete your research without any guidance from a mentor or professional consultant. While many research students do not find sufficient guidance and support from their supervisors, they opt to avail professional help for dissertation writing and review tasks. However, they are often confused about the right kind of service […]

How to run Regression tests using SPSS

Regression is a very important statistical tool for predicting the value of one variable when the value of another variable is known. It can only be applied when the variable with the unknown value is dependent or is correlated with the known value variable. Thus it is used to estimate the value of a dependent […]

All about Case Studies

During the course of the post-graduate or doctoral course students might be required to complete some kind of case study. They will have to go into great detail in trying to answer a particular question and examine all different points of view. There are some kinds of research which look at the overall scenario or […]